Miami F1 – Containers

Padron/Sweet Liberty 20′ Retail & Hospitality Containers


This activation featured two 20’ container units with a top viewing deck and a 20’x20’ deck with two pergola structures. Each setup came together to make a 20’x30’ event space used in varying different capacities, one for cigar POS and track side VIP viewing and the other for local beverage sales and a DJ on the top deck.

Padron’s climate-controlled interior showcased a custom-built display shelf designed to look like the inside of a humidor capable of displaying 30 open cigar boxes. The exterior of this build featured Akoya wood handrails and pergola with accent lighting, a custom designed patio area, and stairs leading to a rooftop lounge that spanned the whole length of the container.

Sweet Liberty’s container showcased similar Akoya wood handrails and pergola but was fabricated to utilize the space as a three sided bar with a DJ on top. Here the interior of the unit was built out for back of house storage while the exterior brandished newly built rail top counters.


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